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Past cycles of volcanic activity in the region suggest that this tectonic turbulence may mark the start of a succession of eruptions that could persist for a century

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Correction: George Bass passed March 2, 2021 not 2020

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Experience the lands and cultures that inspired @DisneyRaya—and join in on the adventure. See Raya and the Last Dragon in theaters or order it on @DisneyPlus with Premier Access now. Learn more: #DisneyRaya

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Pioneering archaeologist George Bass, who played a critical role in the creation and evolution of underwater archaeology as a scientific discipline, died on March 2, 2020, in College Station, Texas. He was 88.

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We interrupt your timeline for this bright portrait of a Xerces blue butterfly. Happy Friday!

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There may be a new weapon for fighting back against one of the most invasive species on the continent: fungus

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“We have to get away from thinking about land first and rivers second”

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From skyscrapers to ancient cliff dwellings, the U.S. has a front-seat spectacle for every type of traveler

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Tens of millions of images collected since 1888 reflect the practices and prejudices of a changing world #WHM

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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a… squirrel?

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For elephants, two seasons reign supreme: the rainy season and mating season

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The ultimate waterfall-misted loop bypasses 13 falls and can be done over two or three days. But five of the most awe-inspiring cascades can easily be reached in one

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Flooding in 2001 near Jiroft, Iran, exposed the ruins of an ancient necropolis from a Bronze Age culture that flourished alongside Mesopotamia

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In Cuba's Gardens of the Queen, crocodiles are a sign of a well balanced ecosystem

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New research points to an understudied and little-understood process that could help slow the ice sheet’s meltdown—or accelerate it, depending on the timing of snowstorms

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An orangutan named Karen, the first in the world to have open-heart surgery in 1994, has made medical history again: She’s among the first great apes to get a COVID-19 vaccine

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Here's some of the science behind procrastination, why it's on the rise during the pandemic, and what you can do to get your brain back on track

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Many women fall through the cracks of a fragmented system—one where maternal health care, women’s health, and primary health care tend to be disconnected #WHM

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By now, you've likely heard of this rover's mission, seen the hashtag #CountdownToMars, and may even be planning to pick up a red donut in its honor. Follow along as we chronicle the @NASAPersevere mission—and humanity's obsession with Mars—in the days ahead

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