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Changing lives through recycling and addressing the root cause of #oceanplastic Join us to reduce plastic pollution & poverty in developing countries.


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Here's some good news: circular business models are on the rise! And they can play a major role in the way we dispose of our waste. ♻️

#circulareconomy #plasticrecycling #circularbusinessmodels

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An important milestone, the European Plastic Waste Export Ban is a sign that the EU is taking responsibility for the waste it produces. 🇪🇺


#plasticrecycling #europeanunion #importexport

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Crazy isn't it?
Recycling has shown to be one of the most effective interventions in fighting the plastic pollution crisis, and each of us can play a part by:
- Buying products made with recycled material
- Supporting sustainable brands
- Recycling what we use!

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A recent study found out that improved #recycling is the second-largest possible intervention to undertake if we want to reverse the catastrophic #oceanplastic problem.

Find out how it can also change lives: ♻️👨‍👩‍👧

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Canada is officially joining the list of nations who decided to act against plastic pollution!

Here's an overview of the global single-use plastic situation👇

#plasticpollution #plasticban #singleuseplastic

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We'll let this one speak for itself.

Be part of the solution, not the pollution.
Act now at

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Compared to the amount of energy used in the creation of virgin plastic, more than 80% of energy in the process is saved while recycling plastic! ⚡️🔋

It's the best way to preserve precious natural resources and give a second life to valuable materials! ♻️🌍

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This year has been very tough for some of the most vulnerable children in India, and so we wanted to bring them joy!
We asked them for wishes they’d like fulfilled, and today you can make their little dreams come true!

#sharethelight #plasticsforchange

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Last week, the state of New York officially enacted the ban of plastic bags.
Plastic bag bans have already been introduced in 76 countries and in some cases like California it's led to a reduction of 40 million pounds of plastic!
Read more:

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Plastic rules everything around us. But have you ever stopped and wondered: how is plastic made and where does it come from?
Take a peek into the world of plastic in our latest blog post 👇

#plasticsforchange #circulareconomy #plastic

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Congratulations to @TheBodyShop for winning the Best Sustainable Brand!
We're so proud to be partnering with a brand that prioritizes sustainability. Learn more:
#plasticsforchange #sustainablebrands #communityintervention

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"the most intensive research-and-development effort in the 200-year history of the recycling industry is underway."
Read more:
Learn how we're developing the recycling infrastructure in developing economies:

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Quoted @MyOneMovement

We’ll remove 1 plastic bottle from our waterways for EVERY FOLLOWER! 🌎♻️💧

Step 1: Join:

Step 2: RT and get us to our first milestone of 10,000 followers! ❤️🙏

#plasticwaste #plasticfree #sustainability #myonemovement

We're really excited to be working with @MyOneMovement to build low cost shelter for informal waste workers, using recycled plastic!
Stay tuned for more updates on this and follow their page to keep track of the amazing work that they're doing. 🌎🌊

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"Studies show that the world is only 8.6 per cent circular. While this is disappointing, it also means there is huge space for circularity and sustainable consumption and production to bring rapid and extensive gains." - Inger Andersen
Read more:

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"According to the influential Overseas Development Institute (ODI) think tank, delivering on the world's climate goals would require plastic consumption to be halved by 2050, with 75 per cent of the remaining plastic being recycled."
Read more:

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We're grateful that we're able to partner with sustainable brands like @TheBodyShop tackle the issue of plastic pollution and create better livelihoods for vulnerable communities.
Read more:
#plasticsforchange #thebodyshop #sustainability #circulareconomy

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Our founder, Andrew Almack will be taking part in a very important panel discussion on sustainability in the packaging industry.
Register now:
Learn more about what we do:
#plasticsforchange #sustainability #circulareconomy

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"Plastics For Change is surging ahead in its mission of enabling brands to source high quality recycled plastic and develop the circular economy."
Read more:
Procure our ethically sourced recycled plastic:

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Quoted @Make4Prosperity

We are delighted to announce @Plastics4change as the WINNER of this year’s #GlobalMakerChallenge Climate Change category with @Aquacycl and @algiknit
as RUNNERS UP. #Make4Prosperity #MakeItForward #ClimateChange #betterplanet #zerocarbon #SDG13

We're so thrilled to have been chosen as the winner of the Climate Change category in the #GlobalMakerChallenge by @Make4Prosperity

We look forward to pushing towards a plastics circular economy and creating a better future for the planet!
#plasticsforchange #circulareconomy

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