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Fortnite did such a smart thing by adding the Gold currency, in regards to Pubs.

So many possibilities are available now.

Rebuying yourself / teammates

Preset loadouts

Possible perk system

Gold Rush Ltm

And I have a reason to grind beyond competitively / making content

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since everyone is feeling nostalgic about movie theaters, here once again are audience reactions for Avengers: Endgame opening night.

hope we can do this again someday

Cry with me

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The victor of countless battles against gods and valkyries, Kratos turns to tackle the chaos of an exposed Zero Point.

Grab Kratos in the Item Shop now!

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The coolest thing about Immortals Fenyx Rising...

*Game copy provided by Ubisoft*

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Thank you everyone for the support during an unexpected 13hr stream!

Thank you @claystehling @BonsaiBroz @NickEh30 ( + the raid )

The season is fun and I see the potential in comp.

Just an awesome day!

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When all your friends are getting @verified

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:: Incoming Audio Transmission ::

Target Description: God and Dad?!?


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Baby yoda.....

Move out the wayyyyyyyy

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Season 5 in a gif

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Rip Wallet

It's is the Way

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Planning to go live at 1am pst !

Enjoy the trailer reveals at the top of the hour!

Nothing like a NEW Fortnite season!

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:: Incoming Audio Transmission - Reality Log [Data Not Found] :: #4 of 6
Target Description: [Data Not Found]

Reply With Confirmation Code “ #Laser” To Accept Next Transmission

Bounty Hunter


* cue the Space Pan Flute *

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If @TheRock ends up in Fortnite...

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Teaser #3

Looks like it's all Season 5 BP outfit teasers
1) Wildheart
2) Condor
3) Planet Hulk

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:: Incoming Audio Transmission - Reality Log 42 :: #2 of 6
Target Description: Spirit - Vengeful

Reply With Confirmation Code “ #Revenge” To Accept Next Transmission

1st clip mentioned Wild heart

2nd clip mentioned Condor

Could the next season be "The Age of Apocalypse"?

The Age of Apocalypse briefly replaced the universe of Earth-616 and had ramifications in the main Marvel Comics universe when the original timeline was restored (wiki)

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Controller Gang saving the day against Galactus 🤣

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My highlight for the Galactus Event was @nolan_north .



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My Socials and other fun stuff

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