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Time is what you make of it. Many believe it can also heal a broken heart. 💔 That’s why we are celebrating all the singles and love cynics this coming 𝓥𝓪𝓵𝓮𝓷𝓽𝓲𝓷𝓮'𝓼 𝓓𝓪𝔂.
Fall in love with our new Valentine's Day collection! #SwatchWithLove

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Mickey Mouse X Keith Haring - Don't miss the ride. Go and get it!
#KeithHaring #MickeyMouse #SwatchLovesArt

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When in doubt, get them all! Now available online. #KeithHaring #MickeyMouse #SwatchLovesArt


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@TylaYaweh flexin’ the BIG BOLD CHRONO in his smoking 🔥 video‼️

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Big up @TylaYaweh on your new video ALL THE SMOKE feat. @YSL_GunnaGunna & @wizkhalifa 🏎💨💨 Out now:

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Run, run, run! The Mickey Mouse X Keith Haring collection by Swatch is now available in-stores. Which ones will you get?
#KeithHaring #MickeyMouse #SwatchLovesArt


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3, 2, 1, RESET! A whole new year is ahead of us, and we can't wait to make the best out of it. What are your twelve wishes for 2021? #TimeIsWhatYouMakeOfIt

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Annnnd, that's a wrap! Happy New Year everyone! 🎉☺️ #TimeIsWhatYouMakeOfIt

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It's time. To arrive on time before they finish the good cheese. To give Auntie Mary a sign that the story is taking (again) too long. Or, to simply create a memory you’ll always keep.
Happy Holidays from #TeamSwatch ❤️
#TimeIsWhatYouMakeOfIt #SwatchXmas

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Happy times with your loved ones! Whether you’re enjoying a warm meal all together, or toasting over a video-call, don’t forget - keep your Swatch, but don’t keep track of time - make the best out of it instead. #TimeIsWhatYouMakeOfIt #SwatchXmas

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It's a tradition to kiss under the _____? #TimeIsWhatYouMakeOfIt #SwatchXmas

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Some conversations take longer to digest than all the meals of the season, right? #TimeIsWhatYouMakeOfIt

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How many fake smiles do you think you'll have to put on this year? #TimeIsWhatYouMakeOfIt #SwatchXmas

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It's time to show who's the star of the season. #TimeIsWhatYouMakeOfIt #SwatchXmas

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300 days and counting until the gates to @expo2020dubai open! Warm-up and join the ride with Karim Medhat across #Dubai. #Expo2020 #SwatchExpo2020

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BREAKING NEWS: Santa has crashed. I repeat, SANTA HAS CRASHED. We have 20 days to save the season, who's stepping in? #TimeIsWhatYouMakeOfIt #SwatchXmas

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Introducing the Swatch SISTEM51 @Hodinkee GENERATION 1990 - Available now!

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Swatch is pleased to announce its fifth collaboration with HODINKEE - Don't miss out the unveiling of the latest #SwatchxHodinkee on . Tune in Monday, at 4:50 PM CET. @Hodinkee

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25 days to negotiate the wishlist. #TimeIsWhatYouMakeOfIt #SwatchXmas

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