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The world’s top nightclubs have at least five models per table. They aren’t there by chance From @1843mag

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Students of sign languages are compiling databases, known as corpora, full of examples of how the languages are used. Programmers are trying to turn them into useful products

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China’s leaders once bristled at the idea that their parliament was merely there to rubber-stamp policies. Now, @DSORennie tells “The Intelligence”, that pliancy is a point of pride

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The Paris Club will negotiate over debts only once a country has an IMF programme in place and demands debtor countries ask other lenders for concessions comparable to their own

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Lebanon's vaccination programme has been blighted by political nepotism is a country buckling under hyperinflation and poverty

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There are over 10,000 celebrities available to record personal messages for you on Cameo. How do they figure out their fees?

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To some, Napoleon was a military genius, strategic mastermind and visionary leader. To others he was a tyrant and a butcher

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“They're taking CRISPR and using it to disable one by one almost every gene in hundreds of different cancer cell lines.”

@tcross81 tells @kncukier how @CancerDepMap is improving the understanding of cancer genomes and treatment, on “Babbage”

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Education has become a global battle and tutors are a secret weapon From @1843mag

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Centuries ago privacy-minded writers relied on cunning combinations of folds, tucks, slits and seals, or "letterlocking"

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The rules of the tech game are changing: a new phase in the global tech contest is under way. Listen to “Editor’s Picks'' to hear essential stories from the latest issue of The Economist, read aloud

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Today on “The Intelligence”: reading the signals at China’s parliamentary shindig, the first papal visit to Iraq and the continued tribulations of the nightclub scene

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Some 13% of Chileans are now recorded as indigenous, up from around 5% in the census of 2002

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Up to the middle of this decade, China will focus on targets for economic growth and objectives such as making the country greener, more innovative and safer from foreign pressure

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Japanese politicians hoped that the accident would give way to a new "post-disaster" era. But it was, perhaps, too much to expect a revolution

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In 2019 Greensill claimed to have arranged financing worth more than $140bn to over 10m customers. It is now fighting off bankruptcy

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More female executives are being appointed, but as our annual glass-ceiling index of female empowerment shows, progress is not happening fast enough

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Politicians have always lifted ideas from other parties. What makes the steal interesting is the choice of ideas and the dexterity with which the trick is performed

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Governments have a chance to create a new social safety net for the post-covid world—they must seize it. Our cover this week

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