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A number of Covid-19 patients are reporting symptoms of "brain fog"—memory problems that can make recalling something as elementary as traffic rules difficult. For some, the impairment is so severe it's upended their lives:

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It's possible that AI models don't need to mimic the brain at all. Airplanes fly despite bearing little resemblance to birds. Yet it seems likely that the fastest way to understand intelligence is to learn principles from biology. (from 2020)

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Need some suggestions for movie night? Here are 24

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It took months to get these perfect, stunning shots of waves near Newhaven Beach in southeast England. Here's the backstory:

📸 : Rachael Talibart

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Maybe a little bit.

A comic by Pat Byrne, with @collectcartoons.

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The Shark Vertex DuoClean was rated 6/10 by the Gear team. Learn why:

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We rounded up our favorite mobile videogames that are sure to distract you from all the bad news, at least temporarily.

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Looking for affordable ways to upgrade sound quality? Here are our go-to tips.

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Replying to @Bob_Wachter: Many "What can you do after vaccination?" pieces, incl. @wired & @SFGate (…

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Many "What can you do after vaccination?" pieces, incl. @wired & @SFGate (I'm quoted, & @PCH_SF).

While lots of expert answers to these questions, @CDCgov delaying its guidance (per @politico) – it's tricky.

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One security researcher involved in the investigation who spoke to WIRED on the condition of anonymity put the number of hacked Microsoft Exchange servers at more than 30,000 in the US alone.

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Please, don't cut your hair before reading this:

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We tested this budget-friendly gear in some of the worst winter weather. Now that it’s nearly off-season, this is the best time to buy our top picks.

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John McAfee, the controversial cybersecurity pioneer, is facing new criminal charges stemming from two alleged cryptocurrency schemes. According to court documents, McAfee and his associates raked in a combined $13 million between the two efforts.

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Of the top 20 accounts, six are venture capitalists, five are well-known entertainers, and three are Clubhouse employees.

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Denis Loubet was the first artist hired at Origin Systems, where he created dozens of paintings and drawings for the Ultima series of computer role-playing games. Listen to our interview with him in our Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy.

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There’s nothing specific you have to do or not do. This game doesn’t emphasize hustle; mostly, you’re just supposed to be.

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The country’s hastily constructed pandemic safety net appears to be working, leaving people less desperate—and gig companies are feeling the impact.

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Replying to @SairaMueller: I wish I could disappear into the woods and truly disconnect from everything for a while, but I just love games too much…

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Quoted @halophoenix

Whatcha doin? Wanna come hang with me? I'll be streaming on the @WIRED Twitch channel in just a few minutes, just to close out the week with some chill-ness, playing Destiny 2 and chatting. Stop by!

Don’t miss out! @halophoenix is live right now:

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I wish I could disappear into the woods and truly disconnect from everything for a while, but I just love games too much 😂

@WIRED Games' latest from @sarahrbates is great, give it a read!

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