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Dad of 2, Dem Blayards, England, England Cricket & Steelers 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿⚔️🏒 Manager of Sheffield United Community Foundation Ladies Reserves. ⚔️🇾🇪

Sheffield, England

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Buzzing to have @NHL back first few games watched, it will make lockdown a little more bearable. Supporting @penguins and @Avalanche from the uk! #LetsGoPens  #GoAvsGo

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Jesus Christ they are desperate aren’t they? Just out of interest how did that season turn out? 😂😂😂

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@Jinja_Owl @talkSPORT I think you'll find there was a huge amount of love and thanks for our shows without football last year. Many were grateful, it meant a lot. It's not about me of course, it's about being sensible, right and proper.

The ‘it’s not about me’ quote makes me laugh. Everything is about him! He just says things to cause debate and argument, all about him. Guarantee he doesn’t even think most things he says, just to get peoples backs up

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@swfcsc 🤣🤣 get in there looks like I caught a little piggy on my hook 🤣🐷

Fuckin Love ah @paddykenny17 what a bloke! Top Blade

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Sell Berge and use the money to keep Lundstram.. ⚔️ #twitterblades

I’d go along with that

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@DerekFrenchMSST Disagree on that one. Thought he was our worst player tonight but glad to see him get a clean sheet

Wow! What did he do wrong? Hardly touched the ball 😂

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Imagine Wednesdayite trying to take piss that we won one after 20 games without a win. Then you realise 90% of them will have never ever seen the massive club play a Premier league game 😂. 20 games or nearly 21 years? Taking the piss is like trying to play snooker without a cue

Not to mention the highlight of their last few years is a Leicester player scoring 😂😂😂

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#NHL fantasy league, 2 spots left, draft immediately after full, first come, just for fun. #NHLFaceoff #ESPN

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Been this lads critic over the past few weeks, although I have said he’s better in The back 3 than CM, but honestly the kid was brilliant tonight in the LCB position, just hope he can kick on now and show us that week in week out. Top performance ⚔️

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Fantastic performance, need to keep going now, the pride is still there and that’s what matters to me. ⚔️

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Not bothered what anyone says, we’ve missed Lunny badly over Christmas. Our best CM after Berge. Would love to keep him ⚔️

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Relegated with record low points but win the FA Cup?

#twitterblades #sufc

I’d take it in a heartbeat!!!!

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We are saddened to inform supporters that Sol Bamba has been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

With the close support of the Club's medical team, Sol has immediately started a course of chemotherapy treatment.


We are all with you, Sol. 💙

Get well soon Sol!

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Replying to @lufc3012: Crawley is an easy ticket into the next round for Leeds. It’s be nice to have a cup run this season! Professional 4-0 win tom…

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Most enjoyable game for a long while! Coincidence that’s there’s no VAR? I think not ⚔️

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Gotta love J Bogz ⚔️

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Wait we’ve scored 3 in one game? Nah not having it 😂😂😂

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Defending from set pieces is absolutely abysmal

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Kyron. 👊

Gu’on Tap Tap

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Crawley is an easy ticket into the next round for Leeds. It’s be nice to have a cup run this season! Professional 4-0 win tomorrow would be ideal #lufc

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