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2 kids. 1 beard. 0 hair. Fan of the greatest NHL team in Ottawa. Tall enough to be considered tall. Opinions are my own unless I steal them.

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Welcome to @penguins Cody Ceci. Smooth as always.

#handsofsteel #mitts #PITvsPHI

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@WhiteHouse @uscapitol @realDonaldTrump

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Quoted @A2JamieMac

Congrats @Dave_Eby on your re-appointment as Attorney General, & your new appointment as Minister of Housing.

Let's get going on an ambitious public housing strategy *tout de suite*. There's no reason why so many folks should be unhoused amid such wealth & abundance. #BCpoli

Word up!

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just a reminder that we once replaced this with this #vanre

Then and now. Yikes.

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Quoted @kichanova

I grew up in Russia, we have our results long before the polls even open


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@jeffoneilshow Social media comments.

*snarky comment

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@headfallsoff god I forgot Dr.Doom looked like a David Blaine impersonator

If this isn’t Blake Snell I’ll make you a watch.

#WorldSeries2020 #snell @RaysBaseball @DShulman_ESPN @Buster_ESPN

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Quoted @CTVNewsAndrew

Updated story: West Vancouver police say BC Ferries called them to the Horseshoe Bay terminal because 50 passengers were harassing other passengers for wearing face masks.

Bottom-of-the-barrel of humanity on full display.

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Quoted @DailyCaller

Watch the moment a British retired Royal Marine suffering from degenerative Parkinson’s Disease had his world changed forever

What a life-changing development this is. Just incredible.

You'd have to be a moron to debate science.

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Replying to @Avid: 🎞️ Happy #TimelineTuesday — Star Trek Into Darkness


#startrek #timeline #videoediting #filmmaking #m…

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🎞️ Happy #TimelineTuesday — Star Trek Into Darkness


#startrek #timeline #videoediting #filmmaking #mediacomposer #avid

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Social distance ✅
Chill ✅
Talent ✅ @ Templeton Pool

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A landmark shithole of Vancouver for sure

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Canucks played actual hockey
Canucks win any series if they get goaltending like that
Eriksson is not an NHL-calibre player
Benn is a nice safety net
Virtanen looked great. Show me that back-to-back
Motte powered by Tesla
Boeser is injured
#Canucks @Canucks @BlakePriceTSN

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Replying to @mdgfrancis: Well, I’ve discovered where baby carrots come from?

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Well, I’ve discovered where baby carrots come from?

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This is an absolute 10/10 camera angle. Bubble hockey sure is providing some new and funky perspectives.

#NHL #canucks @Canucks #NHLBubble @TSNBobMcKenzie @NHL @mattsekeres

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I saw #Thighland trending and there was no doubt @realDonaldTrump called Thailand 'Thighland'.

It's sad when it's not even a little surprising.

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Crossing 6’ paths with the great Dr. Bonnie Henry

#bonniehenry #drbonniehenry

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It's nice to be reminded of how utterly annoying Buck Martinez is, regardless of his amazing head of hair.

#buckmartinez #BlueJaysOnSN

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The key part of my tweet was neglected

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