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Retired businessman standing up against the vile, biased, free speech hating Media, and the even more evil Communist controlled Search Engines and Social Mafia.

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He cheats at law school, he plagiarised Neil Kinnock, he sells the office of Vice President through Hunter Biden, and now he is the President with the most votes in historyβ€”honest! Healing a country through cheating, and the Media will tell you to like it. #InaugurationDay

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1) Why did the Dead vote for you?
2) Why more ballots back than were sent?
3) Can you not win without censoring Conservatives?
4) Can you not get elected without Media covering up for you?
5) Will China pay you?


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President #Trump with his slaves or his friends? It all depends on whether you have been watching the likes of @CNN or @BBCNews in the UK, or whether Social Media like Twitter and Facebook have altered your reality.

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#Brexit down, and the Communist #China to go, and the reality altering @BBCNews too if you have time @Nigel_Farage

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The communist ideology has infiltrated Twitter, Google, Facebook, the Media and the Democrat leadership. This might seem unbelievable, but you can always find out the truth for yourself:

#communism #SaveAmerica

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The Truth if you are willing and open to watching it:

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