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Quoted @wsvn

President Joe Biden, First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff take part in the "Pass of Review," which signals the peaceful transfer of power to a new commander-in-chief.

My closest friend from high school is in the @USAirForce & family in the @USArmy.

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#InaugurationDay #WorkoutWednesday #DoubleWorkout
Gotta work off the unhealthy eating I did during @POTUS @JoeBiden & @VPOTUS @KamalaHarris’s swearing & speeches.

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I want to get this @Cuisinart waffle & pancake maker with changeable plates. Wish they came with panini press plates. As well as cavity plates for biscuits and muffins. Even square cavity plates for quick bread loaves.

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Went over 30 minutes today. 40 minute workout by pure accident.

Even Siri wanted today of for #MartinLutherKingDay.
Had a hard time getting her to set 30min timer. While on the treadmill I noticed a notification came through and couldn’t get her to read them for me. #Fitness

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#Pens win their first game via shootout! Thank you @jakenbake20! Hopefully the #Penguins can beat the #Caps again on Tuesday. #LetsGoPens @Penguins #WSHvsPIT

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LMAO @NBCNews @MeetThePress @chucktodd sounded like @ADaniels3PO’s C-3PO from @starwars during lead in intro to #MeetThePress.
#MTP #TweetThePress #ItsSunday #MayTheForceBeWithYou

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Thanks sis for the @dunkindonuts coffee cake muffin & bagel! Had the muffin before my morning transplant meds. That was filling enough. Decided to save my bagel for lunch. it will pair nice toasted with ice cold cream cheese that came with it.

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Don’t have access to @GirlScouts cookies?

There’s a hack for that.

Thanks @Grubhub.
Wondering when I can order my annual #ThinMint and #Tagalong #GirlScoutCookies?

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Oh my goodness these chocolate chunk cookies from @ChickfilA are amazing! Great way to soften the blow from an epic @penguins fail against the @NHLFlyers. #TheBest #EatingMyWayInFeelings #Pens #Penguins #Flyers #PITvsPHI

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It’s official. Trump is impeached…Again. Shocked? I think not. If convicted by the Senate he will never be allowed to serve as @POTUS again.

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Got dinner & desert pre-ordered from @ChickfilA.

Scheduled @penguins hockey on my TV.

#LetsGoPens #Pens #PITvsPHI

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Really wanna do this. @penguins @MarioLemieuxFdn #Pens66K is 1 of my favs. 1 month after 2018 event I received kidney transplant.

Can’t do what’s asked (66 miles in 66 days). Too soon for long distance walks. Good luck tho.
#Winter66Challenge #DonateLife

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Omg saw the schedule & there’s a #Pens game on my 40th birthday (Feb 27) & it’s an away game against the @NYIslanders. If there wasn’t a pandemic I’d be there. #SoMadAtCoronavirus @penguins

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Started on the double workout today. One 30min now and the other during the #CLEvsPIT game.
#Steelers #Fitness

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Splurged on a large bowl of @SpecialK cereal. Hoping for a double workout today. One in the after noon & the other during the #CLEvsPIT game.
#HereWeGo @Steelers #Steelers #Fitness

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I wish @GiantEagle would have a favorites feature in their app. Amazon has this. I have different lists for specific things such as snacks, sweets, bread etc. this would make online ordering a whole lot easier.

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@DonateLife I would love to use this graphic on my team shirts and electronic documents and webpage. #TeamDonateLife @TeamDonateLife8

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I would love to use this graphic on my team shirts and electronic documents and webpage. #TeamDonateLife

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Been working on stuff for my new #VisionWalk team. First charity walk will be in the spring sometime. So I’m getting a jump on things.

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Quoted @SpeakerPelosi

This morning, @SenSchumer and I placed a call to Vice President Pence to urge him to invoke the 25th Amendment which would allow the Vice President and a majority of the Cabinet to remove the President. We have not yet heard back from the Vice President.

That’s not enough.That man needs jail time. He can hang out with the nob who trashed the place & caused so much pain to our country’s democracy.

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