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Per @MurphysLaw74:

Not surprisingly, numerous NHL sources indicating to me that #FLAPanthers D and Milton, MA native Keith Yandle would waive NMC/NTC to be traded to #NHLBruins if and when he's asked.

Thanks for the Article Fuel, @MurphysLaw74!

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Revisions to the Stars' Schedule.

Oh. This is gonna be fun to watch play out.....

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Quoted @iancmclaren

Anders Bjork likely to jump up to top line for Saturday's game vs. New Jersey (dependent on Craig Smith's availability) per Bruce Cassidy.

So that to me means the stud on top has lasted one (1) game. Sounds like Craig Smith is the preferred choice to get the next crack.

Do it Bruce #NHLBruins

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Quoted @TheOakLeafs

IMO there's no sport that comes close to canonizing members of champion teams to the extent hockey does. Whether player or executive, if you happen to stumble backwards into even one Cup win, perceptions of both your on-ice value and hockey opinions permanently increase tenfold.

Don't forget about the fact that this is the GREENEST league out of the majors here because if you've even BRUSHED against the cup, you're gonna be Recycled and Reused. Even when you've been Reduced #HockeyTwitter #NHL

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Quoted @MurphysLaw74

For everyone tossing around potential Pierre-Luc Dubois trades:

Remember that now that it’s public he wants out and after his coach threw him under the bus, his trade value has gone down. Opposing GM’s know it’s a bad situation there and will use that as leverage.


It must be hockey season: I see Torts is showing his ass yet again

What an insufferable wang #CBJ #HockeyTwitter

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Quoted @WPGMurat


#GoJetsGo fans - Ya'll alright? you wanna grab a beer with me for when this happens? Just looking out for you man

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Hey #HockeyTwitter do you want to know what happened last night? Our own @Mike_Cratty has you covered! Stay informed! @BNGProductions has your back!

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Ah yeah, missed the game last night? You can still be informed! @BruinsBreakdown does the thing he does and grades out your #NHLBruins after game one! Give this a read and give Leon a follow!

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Question for #Hockeytwitter - And this one you CAN comment as much as you like

Should shootout WINNERS ONLY count towards a player's goal total like a penalty shot would?

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- Missed Craig Smith out there, hope he's back for Saturday
- Tuukka is Elite
- Matt Grzelcyk looks a little starstruck in his new top-4 role, was caught twirling a few times. Still moved the puck very well
- Mac was v aggressive, liked that a lot, but easy on the penalties

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- Ondrej Kase is the best play-driving RW in the middle-six we've had in about 6 years, just gotta bury ONE, my dude.

On pace for 112 pts. LFG #NHL #HockeyTwitter

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Way too early takeaways from #NHLBruins game one

- Nick Ritchie scored a powerplay goal - holy shit
- Defense was crisp for *most* of the game - I think a lot of these games are going to come down to stamina and surges, amplified by rust/crash course training camp

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- Kevan Miller's 1st game in nearly 2 years: Was at times the best D on the ice. Throwing fools hither and yon.
- Zboril: 19:14 TOI with some PK time - looked very solid
- Studnicka is not ready for a prime offensive role yet: less thrilled about him on top but already a + PKer

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Quoted @BruinsDiehards

Charlie oh my God #NHLBruins

Didn't really like his game tonight. But Charlie killed a man. So that's fun #NHLBruins

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Quoted @MickColageo

Opening night TOI's

I liked how they eased stud into it. Didn't look particularly sharp offensively on even strength. Hell, few did. But loved his dogged work on the PK. That's where he shines right now.

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Kevan Miller has probably been #NHLBruins best d man tonight

What a story

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Studnicka looked really good on the PK there #NHLBruins

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1st game vibe check:

+ Marchand
+ Frederic
+ Bjork

- Zboril looking a little tentative

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What better way to kick off the #nhlbruins season than dropping a surprise DEBUT of the pilot episode of our brand new podcast! Proudly brought to you as part of the BNG Podcast Network! Take a listen, share, follow, chirp. LFG.

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