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What Our Forever Wars Will Look Like Under Biden

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Replying to @JonWiener1: "Even though the very aim of what they planned to do didn't happen they still claim victory." @garyyounge on the spectacle…

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Quoted @BenBlippenstein

This is my grandmother, an avid trump supporter, commenting on @thenation article in agreement. When she asked me to fix something on her phone, I deleted all of her trump friends and news sources and followed lefty publications. Looks like it’s doing something.


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Attention has rightly been paid to his malign influence. But the shift to the right started before his presidency, and promises to continue after it.

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Twitter and especially Facebook act like they are neutral platforms that are not responsible for the recruitment and aggregation of violent extremists. But report after report expose how social media platforms are used to coordinate violence.

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It would bend the arc of the moral universe toward justice if Georgia’s two new Democratic senators played a role in convicting the man who fomented a resurgence of racist and anti-Semitic terror.

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"Now, instead of a president who blathers about being a very stable genius and boasts about not paying taxes, America has a president who talks about walking in other people’s shoes and seeing the world through other people’s eyes."

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Thanks to B’Tselem, US defenders of Israel will now have to reckon with the reality that the country they and many of their supporters have admired for a long time has been labeled an apartheid state by the human rights community of its own citizenry.

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If we want violent right-wing extremism to end, we need to start showing that it has consequences.

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“The claims he was making were just so absurd, you have to find some humor in it.”

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Biden will surely pursue softer, less militarized public image of border enforcement—but a “smart” wall raises major privacy concerns.

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"What changed between January 6, when these people gathered in significant numbers to invade the Capitol, and January 20? There are a lot of factors, but I would argue that the biggest one is that the social media companies took away their toys."

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And what a relief to see Joe Biden already beginning to erase the grifter-in-chief’s toxic legacy.

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"Even though the very aim of what they planned to do didn't happen they still claim victory." @garyyounge on the spectacle of the insurrectionists -- on @thenation podcast 'Start Making Sense'

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There was no “storm.” There was no “Kraken.” There was no West Side Story—just “The Sound of Silence.”

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The leading human rights organization B’Tselem has now joined others in making that claim—one that will be difficult for the Biden administration to ignore or dismiss.

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Pleasure Garden asks: How is the world that we dream of—one of abolition, self-determination, and housing and health care for all—already here?

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In breaking the mold for presidential partners, Jill Biden could set her successors free.

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On the day of reckoning, after the months of threats and maskless protests and plots to harm elected officials, nobody showed up to the rumble.

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“This is not America,” a woman said to a small group, her voice shaking. “They’re shooting at us. They’re supposed to shoot BLM, but they’re shooting the patriots.”

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