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So mike pence had the decency to attend the inauguration but #trump is being a petty brat because he lost the cake HAHAHAHA PATHETIC #ByeTrump #ByeByeTrump #pence #ladygaga

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Nice-to-nice-to-know-ya let’s NEVER do it again. #ByeByeTrump #ByeDon #bye45 😩🥰🥰🥰 CHEERS LUV

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I mean I was always a fan of Hvitserk but damn the BDE he had in season 6b of #vikings like idk the way he fought in the last episodes was a sight to behold.🥵 that’s it. That’s the tweet.

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Henry Cavill after seeing what #armiehammer is trending for on Twitter

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Not even two weeks into 2021 & azealia banks is digging up her dead cat & armie hammer likes to snack on hearts 😩 can 2021 CHILL #ArmieHammer #meme

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Riddle me this; if the people storming the #capitol were “antifa people” like the orange man falsely claims, why did he tell them “we love you, you’re very special”? If he supposedly knew they weren’t his supporters? #MAGATerrorist #Impeach #ImpeachTrumpNow

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Reading those #armiehammer dms like

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Update; I saw some of the other screenshots and I’m deeply disturbed (if it’s real) DAENERYS CALLED SHE WANTS HER GIG BACK

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Armie babe I love you but WHATS WITH THE CANNIBALISM I- #Armiehammer

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Ohhhhh I hope 2021 puts trump behind bars 😩😩😩 POETIC CINEMA

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Replying to @JeannineofArc: Y’all impeached Clinton for getting a blow job and lying about it but y’all can’t impeach a president that’s a LITERALLY…

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Y’all impeached Clinton for getting a blow job and lying about it but y’all can’t impeach a president that’s a LITERALLY a threat to this country?! I don’t get it

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Replying to @sylvialpittman: @dereckapurnell Another reminder ..

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15? Y’all ONLY arrested 15 people for this literal COUP at the #Capitol staged by trump when you threw hundreds of innocent people into unmarked vans just for being outside this past summer. The #USA continues to show what it is... a backwards-facing 3rd world country.

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Trump: “We love you.” NO THE FUCK WE DON’T. Spray these inbred cockroaches with RAID. #Trump #capitol

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Where was #trump’s little “go home, we love you” video when there were peaceful protesters this summer? No it was “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.” Smdh I’m tired, IF THE ELECTION WAS FRAUDULENT, PROVIDE CONCRETE PROOF, IDIOT. YOU CAN’T. I’m tired 😩 so tired

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@dereckapurnell Another reminder ..

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I wish the creepy bigot @imMatthew_Davis hadn’t blocked me for calling him out on writing underage porn so he could see this tweet where I ask; still think trump & America is so great? :( alas... maybe he’s storming the capitol w/the rest of the inbreds...

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Where’s the tear-gas & rubber bullets??? Nasty-roach-cousin-fucking-Alabama-trash-bitches are storming the #capitol, NOT being peaceful but... y’all ain’t shooting them like you did the peaceful protestors back in June... sounds about white-corrupt American to me. Smdh.

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I made a meme because why not #WWIII

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