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I can’t wait. Next year. Vaccine. Cinemas open. Sitting with a crowd and loving stuff like this...

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.@JRossShow: Saturday at 9.50pm @ITV: @wossy with @McInTweet, @thebodycoach and @LittleMix!

This was fun

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Replying to @luluchops1: And yet they blamed the firefighter?

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So the Grenfell inquiry heard yesterday that the cladding supplier rigged a fire safety test to achieve a pass. The story has passed much of the media by. Yet when firefighters who fought the blaze were on the witness stand, there was saturation coverage.

And yet they blamed the firefighter?

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RIP Des O’Conner. He was a terrific show biz all-rounder and his support for and love of comedy talent inspired me. He’ll be missed.

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Super excited to be on The Jonathan Ross Show tonight at 10.30 on ITV with such a fun line up of lovely people. Enjoy!!!

You were delightful

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moved by a young woman cycling past my house on a trike singing ( in the rain) to raise money for Norwood, I’ve been doing all I can to support this charity and am honoured to present its Annual Dinner Reimagined on Monday. To watch, register here: ’

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President Biden. Vice President Harris. Relief.

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#RIPSeanConnery The Greatest

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Happy Halloween! Stay safe so we can all celebrate properly next year.

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Those who know me will concede I try to be thoughtful & not a dick.Having talked to some people(OK,my daughters)re my earlier tweet,I’ve come to accept that I’m not in a position to decide what is or isn’t considered transphobic. It’s a wildly sensitive subject.Let’s keep talking

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Replying to @LucyABeaumont: @RonJichardson @RachelRileyRR @Baddiel @wossy @DaneBaptweets @joelycett @JohnnyVegasReal @RomeshRanga @shanezaza @Shappi…

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@RonJichardson @RachelRileyRR @Baddiel @wossy @DaneBaptweets @joelycett @JohnnyVegasReal @RomeshRanga @shanezaza @ShappiKhorsandi @mattforde
Would you mind a RT? These are guys have created an amazing youth service.
funds to continue community work

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I just ate too many brownies. Again. Oh, and also. @jk_rowling is both right and magnificent.For those accusing her of transphobia, please read what she wrote. She clearly is not.

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Can anyone who lives near me in Hampstead Garden Suburb help? We had a leaflet with info about a young girl cycling on her red trike to raise money for her charity. I saw her cycling out in the rain today! I want to donate but can’t find the leaflet. Need info. Thanks.

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Another chance to catch @wossy on Celebrity Deal or No Deal this afternoon! See if he can beat the banker to win money for his chosen charity...

@Channel4 | 4:40pm

This was great fun today. For me it’s especially lovely as it has my Mum in it.

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We're all angry about George Floyd.

So, want to know what you can ACTUALLY do to help?
Where to donate? How to organise protests? How to stay safe around police? Where black people can find free therapy? What to read to educate yourself?

Here's how you can make a difference:

It shouldn’t be too much to ask that we work to create a world where people aren’t murdered by the police for the colour of their skin. This is a terrific thread.

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Replying to @AlzResearchUK: TONIGHT! At 8:15pm, our guest @TheVirtualPubQ1 host @wossy will be putting your quizzing credentials to the test and rai…

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TONIGHT! At 8:15pm, our guest @TheVirtualPubQ1 host @wossy will be putting your quizzing credentials to the test and raising money for ARUK.

And our fantastic partners @schroders_pw will be match-funding the first £15k of donations!

Do join us later >

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Tomorrow at 8:15pm, I'll be asking the questions for a special entertainment-themed edition of @TheVirtualPubQ1 in aid of the wonderful @AlzResearchUK. It won’t be the same without you! Head over to the charity's Twitter bio to sign up for a reminder

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Emily Maitlis replaced for Newsnight episode after Cummings remarks

She was speaking the truth so why did BBC bosses react this way? Impartial reporting does not mean you need to lie just because that’s the Governments current MO...

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Did you hear who is taking over next Friday 20:15 BST for #JaysVirtualPubQuiz @AlzResearchUK ? It's... @wossy

You can find out more & sign up here:


Come and have a go if you think you’re smart enough...( it’s not too hard really)

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Are you looking for something to do on Saturday night? Here's an invitation. #LionsgateLIVE

All in support of NHS Charities Together COVID-19 Urgent Appeal and Film and TV Charity COVID-19 Emergency Response.

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